Thursday, 26 December 2013


Well, it's done! Xmas that is, after a very rocky start. A little over a week ago there were no presents bought, food planned or prepared and panic had set in.
First thing sorted was this.........a shopping marathon!

Presents for everyone!
Then I got my head around the first family feast.....everyone seemed happy!

Chaos reigned for a few hours but in a fun way. Even the dog felt the effects!

No sooner had we recovered from all that, then there was the second family feast!

More fun and games.......especially with big boys pretending to be small boys, much to the delight of the real small boys.

It was a wonderful Xmas, filled with family, food and fun.
Hope yours was too!
Merry Xmas!

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Xmas is coming......Yikes!

How come when I have more available time than I have ever had before to get organised for Xmas, I am in complete chaos?
Why is it I know more about what to buy my sewing buddies than my own children?
Xmas has completely overwhelmed me this year. With barely a week to go I have only a few presents under the tree and no ideas on how to fill the space!
Thirty six family members are arriving at my house in three days to celebrate and be fed....... I haven't started cooking! I am worried!
Don't get me wrong.....I have managed to shop.......for me! I went to buy a small extension table for my machine for Santa to give me for Xmas and came home with this......

There is still a perspex insert to go in to fill the gap and a small chest of drawers under, but, I am pretty happy with it! Thanks Santa!
Of course, bringing this home necessitated a big clean up and re shuffle of the sewing room. So, while the rest of the rest of the house is a mess, the sewing space with the old table repurposed for cutting, is looking inviting!


I have been put to shame by a lovely way! One of my "evil fabric sister" friends made me this lovely tree skirt. It did help to fill the "bareness" under the tree!

I love it!
No sewing has been done by me for weeks but I have had a few little fabric splurges. Kaffe is on my mind as I am going to one of his workshops early next year. We are doing a colour workshop based on his quilt, "Big Bang".

I have been playing with a few combos.....

The second one looks promising......
But I need to FOCUS.....XMAS IS COMING......MUST SHOP!
Happy stitching!

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Lapping up the Luxury!

No sewing done at all! That is my only complaint. Why no sewing? I was too busy doing this......

and this.......

and this..........

Lots of this.......

and this......

Far too busy to sew!
Happy Stitching

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