Friday, 27 April 2012

AQC in Melbourne

After Tassie I got to spend four days in Melbourne. My quilting friend, Chris, arrived and Top Gear left to go play cars in Canberra with his friends. Chris and I wasted no time heading off to the Australian Quilt Convention. It was held in the beautiful Melbourne Exhibition building.

The show featured the best of the best quilt from each state.
Lovely quilts like these from Katrina Hadjimichael;

Of course, a small amount of shopping was done......ahem!
The next few days were spent exploring some of what Melbourne had to offer, like the Victoria Markets, shopping in Bourke Street and Sunday at St Kilda.
I had a great time but it was lovely to get home after nearly two weeks away.
Happy stitching!
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Around Tasmania

We were in Tasmania for a classic car touring rally. No races or timing, just nice drives punctuated by nice lunches then dinner and pre booked accommodation.
Did I mention food!!!!!

Long drives!

Nice accommodation!

The trip wasn't without it's moments....... try this in an open top sports car!

At the end of the trip I did squeeze in a little visit to this shop in this old church.

They were packing kits, fabrics and notions to sell at the Australian Quilt convention in Melbourne but they let me make a few pre show purchases. Gorgeous wool, patterns, books ad fabric were bought!

Then it was back across Bass Strait to spend some time in Melbourne and at the Australian Quilt Convention.

Happy Stitching!

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Saturday, 7 April 2012

On the Road

First stop on the trip to Tasmania was Bathurst. I managed to have a little spend at The Home Patch. This a gorgeous shop owned by Annie Downs of Hatched and Patched fame.

Top Gear was very patient while I shopped because next stop was a lap of Mount Panorama Raceway.

Excitement turned to disappointment because the raceway was closed to the public for some reason just for the day. Never mind!
Next stop was Young for a picnic lunch then on the road again to ........ nowhere for a while

Luckily, Top Gear knew how to fix it this one time so on to Albury for the next night.
Coffee stop the next morning was Beechworth, home of the famous bakery and I snuck in a little shopping, of course.

We arrived in Melbourne well ahead of schedule to catch the ferry but the ferry was hours late so we were forced to have dinner here!

Ferry finally docked and cars and people were loaded.....

Next stop ...... Tasmania!
Happy stitching, happy Easter!
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Off to Tassie this week!

Top Gear and and I are off to Tasmania for a classic car rally! Hope the weather stays fine as we are travelling in this.......

Looks good but there is very little room for luggage and getting the "fat quarter" in and out can be a bit tight. I have spent the day attempting to pack but trying to get all this........

into this.......

was all too hard, so I ended only packing the essentials!!!! I cut from this pile of fabric.........

and covered all the papers to stitch some blocks for this......

Square Dance, my favourite quilt from Sue Daley's trunk show at GDITC. I will have to do a rush pack job for all the other stuff after work tomorrow but at least I know where my priorities lie!!!!!!!
Looking forward to Tassie then AQC in Melbourne.Happy stitching!