Sunday, 27 May 2012

North to Wintersun

The last few weeks of May sees Top Gear and myself off to a car rally meeting in Queensland. Last year it was held on the Gold Coast, this year it is in and around Kingaroy.....the peanut capital of Australia.
First stop was meant to be Armidale, but we only got as far as Scone.....oh dear!

Never mind, car repairs in Armidale meant I got time to find the patchwork shop ( and the dress shop and the shoe shop.....).
Next stop was Warwick. There are three or four patchwork shops in town, and one especially lovely one just on the outskirts of town. Glenrose Patchwork is situated in a lovely country home on acreage and also does B&B cottage accommodation. what more could a girl want!
From this overnight .....

To this in the morning........

Kingaroy was the hub for the rally and the organisers did well finding those secret spots you just don't find without local knowledge, like......
antique shops/ lavender farm/ coffee stops

and wineries with panoramic views of the area,

and picnic spots where you share with the wildlife!

Top Gear was in his element, lots of lovely Lancias to admire,

and still more to go.
Happy stitching!

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Pace of Life!

Well the pace of life has certainly slowed the the Fat Quarter household. It is most apparent in the mornings.....the house is quieter and less frantic. It's a combination of factors, two offspring away and only Mr Placid is home. Since retirement, Top Gear is actually sleeping in till 6:30 am and then quietly has a cuppa and reads the paper for an hour so this Fat Quarter Bird nests till 8:00 am......blissful!
Speaking of nests, my lovely postman delivered these to me yesterday.

Brigitte's book is pure eye candy, page after page of all her gorgeous patterns. I have already been inspired and my fingers are itching to start a new project, but I must, I must, I must practise restraint.
I have pulled out another lifetime project to build on, mindless sewing but very pretty.

I have almost finished the appliqué for this too. It's Harperville from Kathy Doughty and is made in the softest, easy to show flannels.

So retirement ( well, almost retirement as I still hold on to one day a week paid work) is suiting us well. We even talked today about getting some stick ons for the fridge that say.......Today is Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday etc. You know the ones, like they have in pre- school, because we are having to stop and think what day it is. Sad isn't it!

Top Gear has taken to the gardening with gusto.......and a chainsaw!

And I am whiling away my days, walking, stitching and getting the pesky household jobs done.
Do you think we might get sick of it?

Happy Stitching!
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Monday, 7 May 2012

Perfect Weekend Retreat!

Last weekend was spent with my stitching friends at a beautiful homestead in the Hunter Valley. Camyr Allyn, built in 1828, offers wide wrap around verandahs, expansive country views, good food, warm fires and a patchwork quilt on every bed.

The girls wasted no time getting down to stitching business. We all especially love sitting and stitching in the wide verandah.

It's hard not to relax taking in these views!

The whole weekend we are catered for. There is no cooking, no cleaning, no bed making. It is just sit and stitch and wait for morning tea, then lunch, then afternoon tea, then dinner then sleep, then breakfast, then morning tea,'re jealous, aren't you. If you aren't then check this out, you will be...

Lucky it's only two days or the fat quarters might end up half yards. Oh well, we can always exercise tomorrow!
Happy stitching!!
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