Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Trash or Treasure!

Top Gear and I have pretty much gone our separate ways since spending 14 days in a car together but not for long. Tomorrow we head off again to Melbourne but this time only for five days, but I digress.
During our last trip we explored a lot of little out of the way places. Top Gear loves to find old chemisty stuff and I like to find old sewing treasures. We love nothing more than to drive into a sleepy little own and find the junk shop. You know what they say......one man's trash is another man's treasure. Well, on our last trip we found a treasure called the Enterprise store. I'm not going to divulge the location because one day I might just get back there and persuade the owner to part with a few of her treasures. It was an old general store that still traded as the local shop and post office but as less than 100 people lived in the town, business was pretty slow. The school only had 10 pupils with no new enrolments for the past three years so it wasn't exactly growing either. It was a really pretty town too, with lovely old buildings and a creek running through a park at the end of the main street. This store was OLD!

Inside was dark and musty. The shelves were old butter boxes that went to the ceiling and the old counter was solid heavy timber from another era. The lady who ran the store had lived in the area all her life as had her parents. Her husband, Charlie, said they had bought the place for $30,000 in the early nineties when they moved in from the farm. They now live upstairs.

Treasures, you ask???? These treasures were sitting on the shelf, still in use!

And this......

full of these.......

It wasn't beneath me to ask if anything was for sale but alas not this time! Still you never know what might happen the next time I ask!!!!!
Anyway, unbeknownst to me Top Gear started trawling eBay and the auction sites he uses on the internet just to see what pieces like these might be worth, just in case we ever found something similar again.
He did all right because yesterday this little beauty arrived by registered post!

It is in near perfect condition......I was dumbstruck. It was such a surprise and sooooooooo perfect. What a man!!!!!
I have now embarked on a whole rejig of the sewing room to accommodate my new treasure. Like I said, what some people see a trash,well, lucky for me!
Anyway, Melbourne bound so stay tuned!
Happy Stitching!

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