Saturday, 25 August 2012

Three Amigos...... All home together

The last few months have seen a lot of changes to routine in the fat quarter household. Newly retired we have been to Adelaide and back, Melbourne and back then Canberra and back. Princess has spent three months in Dubbo for the final placement for her OT course and Mr Placid had six weeks in Prague for a uni course on Global Leadership
One of the chicks has been away a long time......nearly two years and last Saturday night I was given the best surprise a mother could be given.
I heard a kinda familiar voice say hello to the family dog and then a face I hadn't seen in the flesh for nearly two years poked his head into the room. It was tears, hugs and laughter all round and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Seems his Dad and I were the only two people not in on it, his sister had been to the airport to pick him up and his brother had kept the secret.

My three amigos back together under my roof..... at least for the time being.....until the next adventure begins......and this time the parents are running away. One week to go till we head off to England and France......need to pack!!
Happy Stitching
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