Thursday, 24 October 2013

A win, a lose and a sneak peek!

This week has seen anxiety levels on the rise. Princess's wedding is this Saturday, and although I know it's all organised and under control, I can't stop myself having little bouts of anxiety about things maybe forgotten or overlooked. For the most part, I am excited and looking forward to the day. It should be a pretty, romantic day for is a sneak peek but don't tell her I posted this before the day!

We are hoping for beautiful weather but at the same time praying for rain. The second reason anxiety levels are on the rise are the bushfires raging quite close by. We live in a bushland block and on Thursday a fire started not too far from our house. It was out of control for many hours and with erratic winds was going in all directions. We were constantly vigilant for ash and embers coming our's still burning but under control. Here is a picture taken by our local newspaper. These firemen are standing on the walking track that is my daily walk!

Then finally, a nice surprise! I won a prize.......21 fat quarters and a pattern pack. Thank you Sue Daley designs....I am delighted.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Hope Saturday goes will be a very special day! I was wondering how close the fires came....glad you are safe. What a nice win.