Monday, 28 April 2014

Heading to Nantes......the long way!

After a week in one spot we were ready to go again. Our next long stop would be Nantes, where I am going to the quilt show. We were going to take the winding road to get there, through the Midi Pyrenees, Dordogne and Loire Valley.
France certainly showed us some spectacular scenery, rugged gorges, rustic stone villages and rolling hillsides of green and gold.
We travelled to cross the Millau Bridge......... another must see engineering feat for Top Gear.

Then wound our way across the Millau valley to the Gorges Du Tarn where we drove a narrow road clinging to the sides of precipitous drops. Have to say, I wasn't that comfortable when we met a car or, even worse, bus or truck coming in the opposite direction. The scenery was spectacular.......pristine river below, hundreds of vultures wheeling above, fantastic rock formations and villages built, clinging to the mountainsides in the most precarious spots!

We stayed of these little quiet and peaceful.

The next morning, leaving town, there was a bit if a traffic jam, caused by this....

We spent the next day exploring Sarlat, the town for geese and foie gras, and I did manage to find the patchwork shop!

We left Sarlat to overnight in the incredibly beautiful, but smaller town of Domme. Our hotel room had a panoramic view over the Dordogne Valley.......breathtaking.

Evening drinks were here on this terrace, watching hot air balloons float over the valley as the sun set...... a memory was made!

Next stop was the coast at La Rochelle, a medieval fort town with a harbour guarded by two towers and home to the only medieval lighthouse on the French Atlantic coast.
Here we feasted in seafood and enjoyed the holiday feel of the town!

We loved the bric-a-brac markets here. I found a pretty little silver pear pomander for
5 euro, my kind of souvenir.

Next the Loire Valley and Nantes. Stay tuned!
Happy stitching!

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  1. Now that is a talent...finding a quilt shop in the middle of a foreign country or did you already know it was there?

  2. Lol, well done finding a patchwork shop! I just love every photo, especially the colourful gypsy cart holding up the traffic.