Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Week with some Surprises!

This last week I took my elderly parents away for a little holiday. They are 88 and 89 years old so the pace is slow. We rented a little waterfront villa near Port Macquarie and settled in. Not much happened! They will take short walks but they like to snooze and read. I did manage to cajole them into a river cruise, and while the weather was wet, wet, wet at home, we had blue skies.

I settled in for the week and made a little progress on my Amitie BOM and Lucy Boston blocks.

I was glad to get home to the quiet after a week away. Both Mum and Dad are a little deaf, you see, so they have the TV UP REALLY LOUD ALL THE TIME, speak LOUDLY to each other and everything is REPEATED LOUDLY OFTEN. They can't hear what they are doing either so doors are BANGED and drawers CRASHED. Our little villa was also close to a main road and the traffic NOISE drove me to distraction, but of that, they were blissfully unaware, both my discomfort and the traffic.
I think they had a good job well done!
Upon arrival at home I was excited to find that the postman had left me two long awaited deliveries!
This is my first instalment of the "Charmed 2" club from The Quilted Crow. It did not disappoint! The little hand stitched charms are lovely with more to come over the next year!

The other parcel was from Quiltmania. Somehow, I had missed renewing my subscription so had missed quite a few issues. They were very obligingly sending me all the issues I missed as well as my new subscription. The parcel was a bit tatty but I could see this all must be good. Right?

It was good. The girls at Quiltmania had sent me a few issues extra and free, as well as a shopping bag.

But wait there was more! Can you see the brown thing around the bottom magazine?


I got this, too! A wallet. Lucky me!!!!!!!

Really Quiltmania!!!! (Or could it be a bored repacker person at Australia Post)!
You could be offended but, for me, it made me laugh, too funny!
Just wondering now to whom I can regift this delightful item!!!!!!!
Happy Stitching!
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  1. Sounds like you had an interesting week away. Can t wait to see the charm2 . . . .