Sunday, 19 January 2014

What's Hot!

So........Xmas successfully done and dusted, youngest child's 22nd birthday done and dusted, seeing in the New Year done and dusted, parent's 65th wedding anniversary done and dusted, brother's 62nd birthday done and dusted......that's it..... now it's time to sew!
My regular once a month sewing get together was on again and it was lovely to just relax, chat and sew!
Chris turned up with this beauty.

She has been beavering away on these sunburst blocks for only a couple of months but she seemed to get this border done in no time at all......all hand done! Just lovely and made mainly from her stash.....clever girl.
Wendy was quietly stitching binding when we suddenly thought to ask what she was working on.....and this came out from under the table.

All 2.5 inch squares and a few little blocks and nine patches left over from other projects. A fabric delight! The back was almost as good as the front, too.

There was even a little clever mending done.

Then to really get back into the sewing swing of things, one of the evil fabric sisters came up with a plan! ROAD TRIP!
Last week we headed to Albury to Carolyn Konig's Quiltworks. It was a mystery quilt centre block and a sit and sew day......really, to be honest, I should say a sew and shop day! The shop was full of fabric delight.

We also learnt to appliqué a new way using stitch and wash and a nifty new appliquick tool. Much easier on the hands than needle turn or using freezer paper.
The centre block of the quilt starts something like this:

It will be very naive in style and I have a plan for a sawtooth border and lots of nine patches in the surrounds. It will evolve! I learnt a lot, especially in the preparation of broderie perse and am keen to add some to my quilt centre.
We had a great couple of days even though the temperature soared! It was 44 deg at 5:30 on one of the afternoons. Thank heaven for air con. We just ran from one air conditioned space to another.
Here are my evil fabric sisters looking cool and happy at the workshop!

Now looking not so cool.......

Cathie still needs her socks to sleep in, even though the night temps never got below 30 deg. She must have the warmest heart EVER!

And Olga has a unique way to stretch her legs after driving for three hours......enough said!
It was an 8 hour drive to get there, 2 day workshop, then a day to get home....full on but great fun. Thank you my friends and especially she above, who did ALL the driving, a big effort, thanks.
Next quilty adventure......Kaffe excited!
Happy stitching!

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  1. Had a blast! Thanks for another great quilty adventure. Cathie

  2. looks like a great time, can't wait to catch up soon

  3. It's great to see you and your friends having such fun quilty times!! That sew and wash applique method sounds very handy, I like the center block youve made. Socks on these summer nights, phew ,makes me hot just thinking about it.