Monday, 10 February 2014

Just pottering along!

Things have been quiet on the home front lately. Our youngest son has just started his first full time job as a civil engineer. He leaves early and gets home for dinner. I miss all the coming and going, needless to say the dogs get lots of attention!
On the sewing front I have just been pottering along. I am preparing fussy cut stars to sew on our next trip......we are off to Amsterdam in a few weeks.

I don't know what they are going to be made into, I am hoping inspiration hits as I sew along.
I have also been playing with fabric combinations in preparation for the Kaffe Fassett workshop coming up next weekend.
Which do you like?
I have a modern palette......

Or, a richer, darker palette

Or a more restricted but out there citrus palette?

I am having a lot of trouble deciding so I might just have to take ALL OF IT!
I am sure all this will fly out the window once I get there and if I am hoping to learn to be braver with colours.
Secretly I have been harbouring a desire to start Camelot by Trish Harper and I think the modern palette would be perfect so might have to stash that for a rainy day.....decisions, decisions.
I am also getting close to my first finish for 2014. This potholder quilt only has a few more rows to add and the last lines of quilting to be done.....easy peasy!

So the plan is to just keep pottering along and see where my sewing takes me for a while......
Happy Stitching!

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  1. Love the stars....and I think the modern palette would be lovely for Camelot....should we sew it together???