Monday, 26 May 2014

Back in my Happy Place!

Jet lag has passed and I am happily getting back into routine, though sadly my first phone call when I arrived home was to tell me of the passing of a dear friend. Though expected, it does not lessen the grief but I am really glad were are home to support his wife at this really difficult time.
These lovely faces never fail to cheer me up and it was wonderful to check out all the project progress while I have been absent!

I have been lucky to have some sewing catch up time, too. Top Gear left for a five day car rally and though we are usually quite happy together, after eight weeks constantly together we both agreed it was nice to have some time out!
I took my turn then and headed off for a three day sewing weekend at Main Creek, Dungog with a group of stitching buddies.
It was a lovely weekend with lots of laughter, food and frantic stitching!
Kaz produced this for her husband's 50th......

Then Cristie finished this, ready to go up on the wall at Thorpe and Co. It was made from a really cute new range of fabric featuring spaceships and astronauts, vintage style!

Tiffany rested on her laurels for a while........

but then got a spurt on and headed to a finish of this really pretty quilt top!

Debbie made a few new starts on some long term projects and finished a block for a work in progress.

but she really needed to concentrate a little harder.......

Cathie made good progress on her million, sorry, thousand pyramids quilt!

I sewed nine patches most of the weekend. I have a plan but this quilt is going to be big. Not exactly what I envisaged when I worked out all the measurements in my head, in bed , in the middle of the night.......hmmmmm!

It was a happy, industrious weekend with a smiley happy bunch, in a beautiful place with lots of good food.......what more could you want?

Well, we could do it all again next weekend.......yes please!
Happy stitching
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  1. so pleased you had a lovely weekend away with sewing friends............

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Nice to have you back and stitching with us again!

  3. Nothing like a bit, or a lot, of sewing with friends. I spy Wendy in the first photo - Hi Wendy!

  4. You guys had a very busy weekend, so glad your back now our little sewing group is complete