Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nantes at last!

We had an unsettling start to our stay in Nantes. Top Gear and I have been on the road now for about six weeks. Normally we manage to co-operate nicely but tensions
rose for a bit. First, the weather was bad, windy and rainy, the traffic was bad, the one way streets went nowhere, our apartment turned out to be on very busy main intersection and the parking was non existent. ALL MY FAULT cause I had picked the accommodation for our stay!
Tempers flared!!!!! We arrived in plenty of time as we had to meet the owner of the apartment to get the keys so we also had time to kill. After finding a park and finding the building the apartment was in we decided to go for a walk to get our bearings. I said one way.....Top Gear thought another but I acquiesced to his higher intellect, even though I felt the signs clearly indicated that the centre of town was the opposite way! We walked.....the town got seedier, we turned a few corners, worse! I voiced my desire to go back the other way.... Wrong!
Eventually we had turned enough corners that we did a big circle and came into block behind our apartment building....... Uuuuurgh!
We were both feeling a little drained and anxious when the owner turned up with the keys. Up we went to "The Loft" and found to our delight a quiet, cosy little haven built into the entry, a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom..... insulated from all the traffic and havoc below! The only drawback for two tall people was we had to learn to duck under the rafters and sloping roof!!!!!

A quick trip to the supermarket to get food (and wine) for a few days and we were happy again!!!
Happier still, cause the tram to get to the quilt show was right outside the door so the car could stay parked for a few days!
The quilt show was delightful. It was Quiltmania's 100th edition celebration so they were putting up 100 quilts from 100 magazines......except they ran out of room after 78.....ce la vie! Aussie talent was out on display big time with Annie Downs, Carolyn Konig and Michelle Yeo having separate rooms to display their stuff.
It was a smaller display than I other quilts from the French quilting groups unlike we have in Sydney. It was overall a much smaller show than I expected....probably only a third of the size of our Sydney show but the vendors that were there were excellent! The theme of the show was "Vintage" and everyone got into the swing of it....... so I will stop talking now and just show you the pictures.
Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

So glad I went! One thing I have to say is that it sure has proved to me that quilters everywhere, even if they speak different languages have a universal way to communicate!
Happy stitching!

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  1. so glad you made it to Nantes............and things are relaxed again...............where is my holiday going next?????
    Love all the quilts you shared...........

  2. What a spectacular show of quilts!! I was surprised to hear it's smaller than the Sydney show. It all looks wonderful though!!