Thursday, 19 June 2014

Learning to Let Go and See What Happens!

Last weekend I was enormously privileged to be able to attend a workshop with the legendary Marg Sampson George. Her quilts are a fabric delight with appliqués of whimsy and lots of little bits to take in. Her quilts make the eyes travel over them and then come back for a second look!
The workshop was based around taking an element of a quilt you love and building something from there. It was about using fabrics you bought because you loved them and expanding your choices from that basis.
There was no set quilt, no set was more show me what you love and what can we do with it. Sounds easy......right? WRONG!
For me it will be a learning curve. I could see a million possibilities, too many things to love and so I second guessed all my original choices. I seriously needed to step back. It was very hard not to know what the end result would be.
I MUST remember this will not be a "quilt in a day". This will be a quilt that evolves, possibly over years, with choices made, as elements are added. But, it will be all mine when I am done, it will be what I like, done with colours and fabrics I like. Trouble is I like tooooooo much so it might have to be two quilts, so a very long journey!
So for now I am making hexies and stars that please me, doodling over vases, flowers and birds to appliqué and auditioning a number of background choices.......progress will be slow!
It was a perfect sewing but lots learned!
Everyone got in on the discussion!

We had some lovely show and tell expertly shown!

Fabric choices contemplated!

I know there is some debate over social media and it's dangers but for me I have found delightful new friends and experiences that make my life richer. Lovely to meet you, Jean and Marg and a big thank you to my lovely know who you are......for your expert organisation and making it all happen! Xxx
Happy Stitching

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  1. It definetly was a wow kind of workshop, Margaret 's quilts certainly keep you entertained for hours looking at all the little details. I think I have a plan for the centre of my quilt. Just need some more fabric ..... Lol

  2. It was an amazing day, so much to take in, but so very worthwhile! It was a reflective process that makes us slow down and think about our choices. Whatever we make following this workshop will be a reflection of us...scary? But loads of creative fun! Nice to share the day with you!

  3. Was a great day wasn't it? I loved how msg encouraged you to not so much copy her quilts but be inspired by them and perhaps borrow from them to make something unique.

  4. Sounds like a very special quilt in the making! How lovely to focus on what you love.