Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dreaming in Colour

This weekend was big......well, big for me anyway! It was the weekend for colour, fun, friends and quilty inspiration. This weekend was the Kaffe and Brandon Big Bang workshop in Sydney........ YAY!
First stop for the weekend was our regular quilt meeting, not to be missed because it was the first month of the Churn Dash swap. Ten blocks the same in and ten different blocks back.....a fantastic way to get a great variety of fabrics!

Job done and off to Sydney for the evening lecture on colour inspiration by the colour guru, Kaffe Fassett. It was just awesome to be in the same room with so many people whose work you admire!

Kaffe and Kathy to name just two!

Drinks and nibbles, book signing and rubbing shoulders after, with amazing harbour friends and I were very happy!

After a not so good sleep, hotel stuff up, long story......we were ready for the Big Bang
Workshop. It was overwhelming, awesome, tiring, inspirational, daunting, exciting, perplexing and just plain fabric fun!
We just cut and played, re- arranged and cut some sewing, just working on design walls with Kaffe and Brandon offering suggestions and words of advice all day. I thought I was going ok because I mainly just got "okay" and " good job" from Kaffe and once he stepped in to re-arrange a few rows for a better result. Brandon would stop by to offer me his choices but blue just wasn't gonna work for me!

By lunch time I had this on the design wall.......

I felt like I was going slow because the rest of the room looked like this........

One of us even needed to have a little rest and let the experts step in to help out!

By the end of the day I was happy! Kaffe's critique included words like "smouldering" and "hot" ( referring to my design wall, not me, of course, easy to confuse I know, haha). It was just the effect I was hoping to achieve!

It was a hugely fun day. I think I learn't a lot but I need some time to let it all sink in.
More photos of others people's Big Bang next time!
Happy stitching

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  1. Oh you were at the workshop too with my Cardygirl and Bronwyn.........looks like a wonderful workshop...........hard location views to endure too..............

    one of my favourite blocks churn dash...............

  2. I'm so behind on my blog reading aren't i. The lecture sounded excellent, it was a shame I couldn't make that. I love your smouldering hot colours. Have you started sewing it together? I have to admit I just packed my triangles away to sew another day.