Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Generous Chance Encounter

You will have read from my last blog post that I have been on a road trip to Canberra. Along the way, Top Gear obligingly stops at any patchwork shops I want . One such stop was The Craft Depot at Pennant Hills. There I found a fat quarter of a bright, acidly, limey yellow floral. I wanted more, so with it clutched in my hand I proceeded to peruse the shelves for meterage. Alas, none was to be found and staff said the computer wasn't showing any left!
Up stepped Marianne! She had been eavesdropping on my search and went on to tell me she had about 2.5 m of it in her stash and that I could have it if I wanted. I wanted!!
She apologised that she had already cut it into four wide strips but it didn't suit the project she had bought it for and would probably never use it so she would send it to me.
I gave her my details but I honestly thought I would never receive the fabric.....she was just being nice.
She was truly nice. I arrived home a few days later to find a parcel waiting for me, just as she promised.

How very, very generous. Thank you so much Marianne. It has confirmed my belief that quilters are truly the best people on earth.
The red and white fabrics I collected on my trip have turned into a container of hexies!

I am thinking a simple Grandmother's Flower Garden project to take on the next overseas jaunt, looming fast! The background will be hexified too, but thinking......
maybe this........

Or this.........

I do like the yellow and I want it to be a bit out there, colour wise.
Sensible me, will probably choose this..........

I pondered green for a while but the blue draws me back!
Anybody like to help?

Decisions, decisions........ I think it really is all an avoidance tactic for packing clothes. Why ,oh, why can't we board a plane in our PJs then wake up refreshed at the other end with our bags packed with exactly the right clothes for the climate. I need to be 5 again, where all I had to do was pick my favourite toy to take ( now my sewing) and then Mummy does all the rest!!
Still a few days yet, no need to panic!!!!!
Happy Stitching

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  1. I like the blue, but the yellow would be very dramatic

  2. I love that yellow fabric, it's such a great shade of yellow, it's by Jennifer Paganelli, my favourite fabric designer. I think the blue would suit your hexis best though. The smaller scale shows of the hexi shape better. I know packing isn't much fun but how exciting that you're going on holidays!

  3. It's nice to meet a fellow novocastrian... just found your blog via Cardygirl. :)