Friday, 21 March 2014

And so it begins!

Well, I made it! I was happy in my groove at home, enjoying my friends and sewing time, looking forward to the balmy autumn weather but no, it is time to travel. So, after procrastinating over packing and dreading a long flight Top Gear and I are languishing in Amsterdam. After all the angst, I managed to pack in a couple of hours and our flight was helps that the second leg our plane was only 2/3 full and I got to lay full length over four seats!
Amsterdam is as beautiful as I remember it! It is a city with a bit of a vibe, old but modern, lively but quiet, busy but relaxed, traditional but stylish. Our hotel is just a few streets back from the main centre and overlooks a canal but it is quiet, just lovely. This is the view we wake up to each day......

The first day we just wandered.......taking it all in! We ended up at the Rijks Museum, perusing the art of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and their friends! When our legs got tired we took a canal boat home!

Day Two I was on a mission......I had walked past Den Haan and Waganmaker, the Dutch fabric shop, the previous day but it was early and still closed so I timed it better the second day. I spent a lovely hour or so perusing their shelves and chatting to the lovely ladies. It was impossible to leave without buying chintz........

so this kit is coming home with me!
Next stop was Top Gear's choice, so we headed of to the famous Gasson Diamond factory to see diamonds being cut. Apparently this old Jewish company are world famous for the quality and cut of their stones and jewellery. I may have made another small purchase here too......but enough said except "thank you, my darling husband!"
The day was bright and sunny and my day sparkled in so many ways.
It was a pretty afternoon just relaxing by the canals!

The next day we awoke to the sound of gentle rain and it was the day we had booked to go to one of the top destinations in the world.....The Kuekenhof Tulip Gardens!
Forget the rain, it was still beautiful. Although we were early in the season there were enough tulips to ooooh and ahhhh over. The gardens are immaculate

and the colours are spectacular!

There were swathes of colour at every turn!

I even got to be a little Dutch girl........well, the giant clogs helped with the "little"!

And yes, the sun came out just as we were leaving!!
Last stop for the day was the Amsterdam museum and I was quite taken with the carpet in the entrance hall......have to say I quite liked it!

Stay tuned for more adventures.......only six and a half weeks to go!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. Only one chintz kit, Janette? You must be slowing down:-) Have a wonderful time. Debbie C

  2. So glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. You'll have to post a photo of " the diamond"! Can't wait 7 weeks to see that!

  3. Ooo someone's a lucky girl! Hope you have a great holiday. :)

  4. Amsterdam is such a great city!! It looks as though you're getting around and having such a fun time! I love the photo of you in the big clogs.

  5. What a lovely time you are having! Enjoy your holiday.