Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day trip to Avalon

What could be better than a day out with a friend, well, that would have to be a day out with a friend to a quilt show and a quilt shop!
Last weekend Cardygirl (sorry, this app won't do hypertext, so google it!) and I headed south to a beautiful part of the world to visit the Avalon Quilters annual show. It was a happy, easy day and lots of fun.
First stop was, of course, a lovely quilt shop....Cottage Quiltworks. It was necessary to stock up on some essentials, such as beautiful fabrics, a cute sewing box and some thread.

We then spoilt ourselves with a healthy lunch at one of the local cafés before heading off to the Quilt Show.
It was a good little show. There were a diverse range of quilts and it was easy to see these girls love what they do with individual style.
I loved the quilting on Jan Powell's beautiful quilt. She had made it her own with quirky appliqué and endless, meandering and doodling quilting.

I know the photo is not very clear but you can get the idea!

There was a little bit of everything, from quirky......

To pictorial...........

To traditional.........

This one by Kerry Dear of "Candied Hexagons" fame.
Even the sale table yielded some treasures. A new sewing pouch and nifty needle keeper came home with me.

We were warmly welcomed by the friendly ladies and even scored an invite to a sewing get together in the future! We'll hold you to that invite, Jan!
The whole day made me smile and I feel lucky to belong to the community known as quilters!
Happy Stitching!

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  1. I had a fabulous day out...great company!

  2. poor too cutting loose on the place.........looks like a great show and day out from what I have seen online..........quilter day trips with friends are always wonderful.............

  3. What a fun day out that would have been. Cottage quiltworks is such a great shop, I love their range if fabrics. That Jan Powel quilt is really awesome, I love the way the appliqué looks just randomly sewn on.

  4. Ohh cute sewing pouch and needle saver, looks like you had a great day

  5. What a lovely day for you both! .